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10 August 2009

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R. L. Barsh has been involved, as a litigator or negotiator, in many of the most important legal projects concerning indegenous peoples in recent decades. He’s taught law at NYU and HLS, consulted for the UN, and represented the Mi’kmaq, the Snohomish, the Samish, and others. He is perhaps best known in jurisprudence circles for the influential 1986 paper Indigenous Peoples: An Emerging Object of International Law. Current projects include the law of indigenous intellectual property and the ecology of the Salish Sea.

J. Harnmeijer will shortly be presenting his PhD dissertation at UW, Squeezing Blood from a Stone: Novel Inferences into Early Environments & Life, in which he makes far-reaching claims about the origin of banded iron formations and presents the oldest unambiguous evidence of life. Harnmeijer is a co-author of Hydrothermal Systems in Small Ocean Planets, which provides the best model yet of tidal heating and thus bears directly on the prospects of life on Europa.

as described


as described