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◌  The time we met a train-track builder

9 November 2011

Yesterday the niece and I took the tram eastbound. We admired the view of the water city, as she calls it (look, it have biiig river ’n’ lots of bridges for cars, see?) and the construction work on the various South Waterfront projects. On the way back to downtown, we found ourselves walking next to someone in PPE.

Niece (suspiciously): Heeey, that’s a builder!

Stranger: That’s right, sweetie!

Niece: You build-a-ing you the all the things? ’N’ dig the hools [holes]?

Stranger (pointing at the streetcar rails): Well, I mainly laid this track.

Niece (looking like she’s not sure whether she just met Santa Claus): What?

Me: She made the train tracks. She put the tracks together in the ground.

Niece (delighted): Wow!

Stranger (delighted): Yep!

Me: Should we say thanks to her for making the train tracks so the train can go?

Niece: Thank you! Wow! You did it! Good job!