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◌  Khromax

7 November 2009

Nick wrote a game. It’s called Khromax, and it’s very simple and very fun. I recommend it highly – it has the same kind of frustrating simplicity as, say, Tetris. Sounds good, too. I helped a bit with the look and feel:

That’s what a very small project’s graphic design workspace looks like. Given Khromax basically only has three screens, you can imagine the amount of drafting that goes into something more complex.

Nick did something difficult and risky by writing two functionally near-identical versions of the game: one that you can play on your iPhone or iPod Touch for $1, and one you can play online for free (assuming your browser’s up to snuff). Please try the online version, get the mobile version if you like it, report any bugs, and rate it honestly.

Once again: iPhone/iPod Touch version, in-browser version. Give ’em a try.