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◌  GPS sky

3 September 2009

A panorama of the sky as seen by a GPSr on my windowsill over a few hours: the top is the zenith, the center is south, and west is to the right. Stronger signals are brighter. The fill is 0.9 Shepard interpolation, 0.1 Voronoi cells.

The main clearing on the property is to the south and southwest, as you can see, and this building has a metal roof.

Theoretically, using medical imaging techniques like filtered backprojection, you could reconstruct a passive 1.5ish GHz view of everything you’ve slowly moved under with an otherwise unobstructed GPSr. A simple starter project might be the roof of your house.

Same data (well, plus a few hours and with 0 SNR satellites drawn), but polar – south in the bottom and west on the right again: