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◌  AGL 3080 notes

27 August 2009

A couple weeks ago I replaced the Globalsat DG-100 GPSr Nick got me for Xmas 2007, which had served me very well but was falling apart, with an Amod AGL 3080. They’re pretty similar: both SiRFstar III–based and designed for economy and durability short of waterproofing. The finer differences are interesting only to pathetic GPS weenies. Hi. I elide the stuff that’s interesting but covered in tech specs and other reviews (e.g., that the ’3080 provides DOP figures and the ’100 doesn’t).

So far the accuracy and extra data make up for the cable and battery inconveniences. My ideal $70 SiRFstar III–based GPSr would basically be the ’3080 with 2×AAs and perhaps a little more rainproofing by putting a rubber gasket around the battery door and the USB port under it, and of course a realtime NMEA-over-USB mode. And if it could bring the TTF down at the expense of DOP in the first few fixes, that would be great. But I was quite happy with the ’100 and now a little happier with the ’3080.