Hi! Here you will find slides from a short presentation on GPS tracks that I gave at Portland’s sixth dataviz meetup, 19 October 2011. They may be a bit hard to understand as-is: to emphasize internal patterns and relationships, and to preserve a little privacy, I deliberately left out things like basemaps and axis labels. You might want to try following along with this video of excerpts from the talk, in which I attempt to break the world’s record for saying “like”. I want to make a more complete, coherent, and rigorous showcase of this data and the ways I like to work with it, but sadly I’m embedded in a manifold where time is at a high premium.

Use the arrow keys to navigate. Since I really only designed this for fullscreen viewing on my monitor, you may have to ask your browser to change your font size one way or the other.

Feel free to e-mail questions or comments. Please don’t stalk me unless I like you. Please don’t stalk my friends without their permission.

Charlie, 3 November 2011

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